A unique site in France

Redevelopping a quarry

In the 1960s, the place was covered in meadows (the Alloyau meadows) used for cattle. The Lac de Maine neighbourhood did not exist at the time, but the Saint-Serge one did, and due to its expansion around the nearby MIN (wholesale market for food and agricultural produce), needed embankments to raise its height. After a few drillings, large gravel deposits were found underneath the meadows.

Quarrying started in 1969, and during the following decade, almost 3 million cubic meters of gravel were extracted. But the process left a gaping crater in the middle of the town...

1971 : the birth of the park

Several drafts were proposed to redevelop the site. The one featuring a theme park for everyone was chosen, and in 1971, the City of Angers launched a large landscaping campaign (sowing with grass seeds, planting of 20 000 trees, etc.). Though the exploitation is still running, the international reception center (now ethic etapes Lac de Maine, since 2006) opens in 1975, and a first sailing area opens in 1976. The campground opened in 1981.

The park then slowly grew until it became a true open space near the heart of town. The 220 acres of the site are nowadays managed by the City of Angers.

LAc de maine (Angers)