Housing & Catering

Suitable facilities

In order to enjoy your activities at the Nautical Center and Lac de Maine theme park, various accomodation and catering solutions are available.

Where to sleep ?

  • ehic etapes, it’s not tourism !

ethic etapes Lac de Maine is established at the heart of the park, in a connected and eco-responsible way, and welcomes groups, families and individuals in its bright, spacious and safe rooms. 154 beds are available, in rooms ranging from single to 5-beds capacity. Learn more : www.ethic-etapes-angers.fr

Contact : Ethic Etapes Lac de Maine
T.(+33) 2 41 22 32 10 
F.(+33) 2 41 22 32 11

Where to eat ?

  • ethic etapes restaurant

The restaurant is open to everyone, Monday to Friday, from 12 o’clock to 1:30 pm. Choose where to sit at your will, whether it’s in one of the three dining rooms or outside, on the shadowed terrace.

  • Bars

- The ethic etapes bar is open, Monday to Friday from 12 to 2 pm and from 6 pm to 11 pm, and on the weekend from 12 to 10 pm. Access reserved to accomodated people from 8 pm and onwards.

- There is also a fresh drinks and ice cream sales outlet near the beach, open when the bathing is.